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Keralis is a Polish/Swedish Youtuber who has a wife and a son called Damian. He has been playing video games and doing vlogs since he opened his YouTube channel in 2007. He played a variety of games ranging from [[Minecraft and Simcity to Dishonored and Surgeon Simulator. His real name is Arek Lisowski. And his name is Jarrod. His wife calls him Jar-Bear, sometimes you can hear her say that in a video.

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Keralis is a 33-year old polish man who has moved to Sweden when he was kid. He has approximately 1.8 million subscribers and is mostly known for playing Minecraft. Trying to keep his channel child friendly, he will sometimes be caught swearing on tape. His most popular series are the still running "let's builds", the "wife vs minecraft series" and the different seasons of hermitcraft. His let's builds change theme once every few months; in 2012/2013 his builds were very rustic and medieval themed, while 2014/2015 are more based on modern buildings. In 2014 the let's build series got a spin-off series, the vehicle tutorials. Wife vs minecraft is a rather old series, yet gaining views and likes even now. Basically, Keralis plays survival multiplayer with his wife who knows nothing about the game, but eventually the series finished with them defeating the ender dragon. Since then, people have been asking, and Keralis has been promising to return the series. But due to a baby being born (baby k), Keralis' wife was too busy to sit down and play Minecraft for Youtube. But eventually people got what they were promised. A first episode of wife vs minecraft S2 was uploaded, played on the amplified hermitcraft server. The hype was real, but very disappointing, after only five episodes, the season was put to a stop after his wife got pregnant. Since then, Keralis hasn't uploaded a single video of minecraft survival, replacing it with games like the forest, and stranded deep, making the let's build series Keralis' only link to minecraft. A new time for Keralis, only time will tell if this new approach will pay off. He now has a lets play of Cities Skylines and playing the Euro Truck Simulator 2 Scandinavia DLC. He also wants to play plane simulator but, he doesn't know how to play it so, he is trying to get a professional person to teach him. He also has an ongoing Inspiration Series, which he has done with people such as BDouble0, and Shiftmaster, and other Admins on WoK. On this series, he tours amazing builds on WoK's Creative Server

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